PRP Face Rejuvenation


Want to look as confident and young as you feel?

Been worried about the skin tone and texture of your face?

Fed up with your fine lines and wrinkles?

There is a solution!

PRP treatment for face can give you a younger looking face without surgery! 

PRP face rejuvenation is a natural approach to anti-ageing. We can use your body’s own material to help you achieve a younger, refreshed face – without going under the knife!


What is PRP facial rejuvenation?

PRP face therapy is an innovative approach to facial skin rejuvenation – known as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). PRP is sourced from your own blood supply.

The amount of blood drawn will vary depending on the area we’re treating. With most Fresh Clinic patients, we take no more than 50mL of blood.

We then use a centrifuge machine to separate and extract your PRP from the rest of your blood products. Your heavier blood cells will drop to the bottom of the vial while the plasma is left at the top. After your PRP has been separated, we extract it into a syringe.

PRP face therapy has a positive effect because the injections contain up to 8 times higher concentration of platelets than your whole blood. In a normal blood sample, you have:

Red Blood Cells: these blood cells carry oxygen

White Blood Cells: these blood cells fight disease and infection

Platelets: these blood cells repair cells that are damaged or injured

Plasma: the fluid part of your blood, it carries nutrients through your body

The PRP injections we use on your face contain up to 95% of platelets. It’s this concentration that stimulates the formation of new collagen fibres so your skin texture improves and smooths out. PRP face therapy has a positive effect because the injections contain up to 8 times higher concentration of platelets than your whole blood. For optimal and long lasting results, Fresh Clinic patients have 3 treatments one month apart.


Who is suitable for PRP facial rejuvenation?

It’s inevitable and frustrating when you notice the signs of your ageing face. Because your ageing face can make you look and feel older than you are.

And it doesn’t matter how much you diet, exercise or apply moisturizer to your face…you still look and feel old!

At Fresh Clinic, PRP injections can be used on any area of your face where you would like to improve texture and appearance. It’s an ideal face treatment if you:

  • Have uneven skin pigmentation on your face
  • Are showing signs of skin ageing, including fine lines and wrinkles
  • Have dark circles around your eyes, and
  • Are looking for a natural, safe face treatment

Fresh Clinic can also use PRP therapy for the face to improve the appearance of your:

  • Forehead and frown lines
  • Crows feet and bunny lines
  • Marionette lines, and
  • Neck and jawlines

Find out about your suitability for Fresh Clinic PRP facial rejuvenation and book an appointment here.


Who is not suitable for PRP face therapy?

Women who are breast feeding, pregnant, or trying to conceive should not undertake PRP face therapy injections. PRP face treatment is also not suitable if have suffered cancer, are being treated with anti-coagulation treatment or have an autoimmune condition.

During your initial consultation our highly trained and qualified nurses will assess your past and present medical and cosmetic history to determine your suitability for PRP facial treatment.


How does PRP face rejuvenation create a more youthful look?

Want a revolutionary treatment for facial skin rejuvenation that erases fine lines and wrinkles while creating a more youthful face? You’re not alone! Famously nicknamed the ‘Vampire Facial’, PRP face therapy has had its popularity boosted by Kim Kardashian and other Hollywood reality TV celebrities.

PRP face therapy treatment uses your own blood plasma to stimulate new cell growth. This helps to improve skin texture and complexion and can help restore your lost facial volume.

Because the injected PRP product is 100% your own, factors such as stress, smoking and illness can affect your results. Collagen production can take up to three months to occur and the results can differ depending on the individual.

The first thing our patients notice is an improvement in skin elasticity. You can view results of our PRP face rejuvenation treatment here.


What is the difference between PRP facial injection and dermal fillers for the face?

Want a more refreshed and youthful looking face?

Like to know how PRP facial injection treatment is different to dermal filler face treatment?

PRP stimulates your body to create new tissue and collagen resulting in improved skin texture and tone. While PRP face treatment doesn’t target individual lines and wrinkles, it can improve the overall quality of your skin. We can use PRP therapy in areas where dermal fillers are not suitable to be used.

Dermal face fillers are composed of a substance (hyaluronic acid) that is naturally found under your skin. Dermal fillers are a gel like substance that can be used to fill in and reduce the wrinkles and lines on your face. Once the dermal filler substances are absorbed naturally, we suggest our patients get ‘top up’ dermal filler treatments.

Many Fresh Clinic patients get PRP face therapy treatment in combination with dermal filler therapy for lips and face. Both of these treatment options will help your face look and feel younger and more radiant. Find out more about our dermal filler treatments here.


How do you perform PRP face rejuvenation?

At Fresh Clinic our registered, qualified and highly trained nurses perform PRP treatments for your face. You will have an anaesthetic gel applied to your face so you feel minimal discomfort.

Before we inject PRP into your face, we mix it with calcium chloride. This activates your platelets so they secrete growth factors into the injected areas of your face. Your PRP is then injected with a fine needle into your dermis (the second layer of skin). The amount of swelling you experience in the treatment area varies. This swelling can last for a few hours to up to 2 days.

Our simple PRP face rejuvenation injection treatment only takes about 20 minutes. Because there are no side effects associated with it, Fresh Clinic patients tell us that they can return to work straight after it. There is no risk of allergy or rejection of your PRP face injection because the plasma we use is your own. Check out our gallery of before and after photos here.



Costs of PRP face rejuvenation treatment at Fresh Clinic Sydney

From time to time we offer discounts for the cost of PRP face rejuvenation therapy. Find out what PRP face rejuvenation treatment offers we may have here.


What are the best PRP face rejuvenation timings?

For optimal results, we suggest you commit to 4 PRP face treatments that are scheduled 4-6 weeks apart. Once you’ve had these initial PRP face treatments, we recommend that a single PRP face injection treatment is ideal 2-3 months apart.

For optimal and long lasting results, our patients have 3 treatments one month apart. Most Fresh Clinic patients see the best results when they schedule a 6 PRP face injection treatments over a 12-month period.

Find out how Fresh Clinic PRP treatment for face can help you feel younger and look amazing. Contact us here


How do I book in my PRP face treatment at Fresh Clinic?

Find out how Fresh Clinic PRP face treatment can help you feel and look younger and more confident. Book here.

For pricing information visit the pricing page.


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