• what would i look like with lip injections

    What would I look like with lip injections?

    Walking through the cosmetics department, you notice a poster. It’s advertising a new range of lipstick that promises to ‘pump…

  • young woman lip injections

    How old do you have to be for lip injections?

    At Fresh Clinic, you must be 18 years of age or older to be eligible to receive our treatments, including…

  • young woman getting an injection in her lips

    How to get the longest lasting lip injections

    You clearly remember the time you decided to get lip injections. It was just before the annual work function to…

  • young woman receiving cosmetic injection in lips

    Bumps After Lip Injections

    “I had my lips injected a few days ago, and I’m happy with the size and shape, but I can…

  • angalena

    Celebrities with good lip injections

    It’s been a busy few months with long hours at the desk, meetings with clients and socialising with friends and…

  • lips beauty correction treatment

    Are there Different Types of Lip Injections?

    Lip augmentation is the procedure for plumping and volumising lips, a feature of the face that many women are self-conscious…

  • woman receive cosmetic injection

    How often do you have to get lip injections?

    In the middle of a busy week, you decide it’s time to treat yourself to a pedicure. Sipping your herbal…

  • woman relaxing after dermal fillers

    How Long Do Dermal Fillers Take to Work?

    Have you noticed that the lines around your face are becoming deeper and more pronounced? Lines become more noticeable as…

  • how dermal fillers work

    How dermal fillers work to revitalise your face

    It’s been a flat out week at work and home. Deadlines have been met and your partner is looking after…

  • dermal fillers between eyebrows for a beautiful female face

    Dermal Fillers Between Eyebrows

    Dermal Fillers between eyebrows is one of our most common treatments. Lines form in this area at any age for…


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