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Amina, 24 Anti-wrinkle treatment

Amina’s square shaped face and thin lips had always bothered her. She looked at her girlfriends with oval shaped faces and just wanted to look more like them! Fed up with looking at herself in the mirror wishing that her face was slimmer and prettier, Amina came to see us. Using anti-wrinkle injections we slimmed down her face from a square shape to an oval one. We used dermal filler treatments to enhance her cheeks, boost her lip volume and define her lip lines. So how does Amina feel now? Beautiful, confident and ready to launch herself into life!

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Tanya, 25 Anti-wrinkle treatment and dermal filler

In her mid 20’s Tanya was ready to set and reach career and life goals. But the way she looked didn’t reflect how she felt inside. Her confidence and energy was high – until she looked in the mirror! Tanya had anti-wrinkle treatment to lift her eyebrows and remove her frown lines. Dermal filler treatment was used to enhance her cheeks and the lines from her nose to mouth (nasolabial lines). We also used dermal fillers to add volume and definition to her lips and to soften the marionette lines. After her treatments, Tanya has lost count of how many friends and family have commented on her subtle and natural, fresh face. Now her face matches how she feels inside, Tanya feels ready to take on life – and win!

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Will, 54 – Anti-Wrinkle treatment

In his early 50’s Will’s forehead lines, crows feet and frown lines were making him look and feel older than he felt! Energetic, fit and healthy, he wanted to look like and feel like a fresher faced version of himself. Anti-Wrinkle injections were used in his upper face in the forehead lines, frown lines and crows feet. They were also used in the lower face to enhance his chin. After his anti-wrinkle treatment, Will’s friends wondered if he changed his exercise and diet regime or is getting more sleep. The subtle, natural changes have made Will feel look and feel happier, confident – he’s now ready to blast into his next decade!

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Ayla, 26 Anti-Wrinkle treatment

In her mid 20’s, Ayla was worried about the way her eye wrinkles and frown lines made her look older than she was. Ready to launch herself into her career and to enjoy life, Ayla was feeling a decade older than she was! Anti-wrinkle treatment was used in her upper face area including forehead lines, eyebrow area, crow’s feet and frown lines. It was also used around her lips to remove vertical lip lines. After her anti-wrinkle treatment, Ayla looks and feels confident. The subtle changes to her face have her friends asking, “Have you done your make up differently? You look fabulous today!”

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Carlene, 63 Dermal filler treatment

After Carlene’s 60th birthday she started to notice a few changes in her face. Her cheeks had less volume and she felt her face shape was pulling down – it was like she was angry or tired all the time! And when she got asked if she was tired or sad, she decided it was time to look as good as she felt inside. Dermal fillers were used to enhance Carlene’s cheeks and to erase the lines from her nose to mouth. We also used dermal fillers to enhance her chin, improve her marionette lines and add definition and volume to her lips. Carlene now gets asked all the time what her secret to looking young, healthy and confident is – dermal filler treatments!

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Yolandi, 36 Anti-wrinkle treatment

In her late 30’s Yolandi was fed up with her face not matching the way felt inside. As a fit, healthy and busy woman, she felt like the lines and wrinkles around her eyes were making her look tired – even when she was completely rested! Yolandi had anti-wrinkle injections in her upper face area including her forehead lines, eyebrow area, crow’s feet and frown lines. After the anti-wrinkle treatment, her natural and fresher look has made Yolandi look and feel more rested – and she feels a lot happier.

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Rebecca, 47 – Dermal filler treatment

In her late 40’s, Rebecca felt like it was time to look after herself – for once! Conscious of what she eats and with a regular exercise regime, Rebecca was fed up with her face looking older than her body. She wanted to look and feel confident as she launched herself into the next 40+ years of her life. Dermal filler treatment was used in Rebecca’s mid face including tear troughs, cheek enhancement and her nose to mouth lines. We also used dermal filler treatment to enhance her chin, add volume to her lips, define her lip border and erase marionnete lines. And now? Rebecca gets asked whether she’s been on a holiday or had a lot of sleep. Her fresh faced, natural look is making heads turn – in a good way!

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Valeriya, 24 Dermal filler treatment

Fit, healthy and starting out in her career, Valeriya felt like her face didn’t match her energy and enthusiasm for life. And no matter how much sleep she got, the area below her eyes and around her cheeks was always sunken. Dermal filler treatment was used in her mid face in the tear troughs and to enhance her cheeks. It was also used in Valeriya’s lower face to add volume to her lips, remove lip lines and enhance her lip definition. After having dermal filler treatment, Valeriya looks as good as she feels inside.

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Joanna, 29 Dermal filler treatment

Heading into her 30’s, Joanna had started to notice changes in her face. The area under her eyes didn’t bounce back after a good night’s sleep and her lip area had fine vertical wrinkles and lines. Joanna wanted to look as great as she felt on the inside! Dermal fillers were used to enhance her cheeks and smooth out the tear troughs under her eyes. Joanna’s lip volume and definition, chin and lines from her nose to mouth were also treated with dermal fillers. So how does Joanna look and feel now? Confident, fresh faced and ready to race into her 30’s and grab life with both hands!

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Francene, 30 Dermal filler

Francene’s square jaw-line was making her look and feel older than she was. Anti-wrinkle injections re-shaped and slimmed out her face and dermal fillers added volume to her cheeks and lips. When Francene catches a glimpse of her picture perfect triangle face, with higher cheekbones and defined jawline she can’t stop smiling!

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Suzy, 67 Dermal filler treatment

Suzy’s face made her feel older than she felt. The wrinkles were deeply etched, she always looked tired, her downward turning mouth made her look sad, and her skin tone was deteriorating. Suzy loves the natural-looking results that make her look great and feel confident – she feels like a better, younger version of herself!

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Princess, 25 Dermal filler

Fed up with her square shaped face and reluctant to ‘go under the knife’ Princess wanted a non-surgical jawline and facial slimming treatment. After having anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers, Princess glows with confidence and loves the way she looks.

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Anna, 24 Dermal filler treatment

As a professional model, Anna knows that first impressions count. Anna wanted to enhance her natural beauty while maintaining her fresh-faced, youthful look. Anna loves the natural looking results that have given her the competitive edge she needs to be a successful model.

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Renee, 35 Dermal filler

As she headed into her 30’s, Renee felt like her jawline muscle shape was ageing her. After anti-wrinkle injections were used, Renee’s face has become slimmer and younger looking. And with dermal fillers in her cheeks and lips, Renee looks and feels younger than when she was in her 20’s!

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